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A Christmas Poem by C.S. Lewis

The Turning of the Tide

Click on the picture for the video.

I mean to post this poem right after Thanksgiving, but I haven’t been attending this blog recently. Sorry.


Heptameter (Video)

Anybody who is trying to sound intelligent about formal poetry will probably drop the words “iambic pentameter.” And that truly is a fine meter (and, along with iambic tetrameter, one of the two meters that describe the vast majority of English formal poetry); but I personally have a preference for iambic heptameter myself. Having 7 beats in a line instead of 5 places the major rhymes a little farther apart, and provides space for internal rhymes as well. Furthermore bulkier words and phrases can be written in a heptameter line, which might not fit comfortably in a shorter line. Meanwhile the longer line seems to have no adverse effect on pacing–but listen to an example yourself, and see if you agree. This is The Glove and the Lions:


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Faye (video)


Narrative poem in anapestic meter by the Bearded Poet. Enjoy!

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John Donne (video)

Two poems by John Donne:


You can read the text here if you like.

The Raven (video)

Enjoy The Raven on YouTube.


If you like this poem, you may enjoy this discussion of its structure and artistry.

Leave a comment below about what you thought of this interpretation (and yes, I know what words I missed), or make a suggestion for what other poems you would like to hear performed.

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