I knew your company for far too brief a time, I think:
An incomplete four months will come and go in but a wink.
But though our time together was unfortunately short,
Your friendship was a blessing, and I am the better for’t.
For when my day is dreary, and I chance to think of you,
The memory of beauty then will cast my day anew.

Your smile was a charity, your conversation grace;
A gift of sweet contented joy contained in your embrace.
Your tho’ts a kind refreshment and your confidence a gift;
Your zeal to love and serve your friends still makes my spirits lift.

But I remember most of all the way you’d look at me
(The way you’d look at all your friends, so far as I could see).
Such eyes! your unabashed appreciation they’d reveal,
And innocent affection you’d not bother to conceal.
And I you’d so enchant by this expression of delight—
My heart would dance a merry jig, my weariness take flight.

Now far away, I miss your gaze—but I shall not complain,
For unto death the mem’ry of your beauty I’ll retain;
More pleasant still, because I know wherever you may be
It’s certain you’ll be loving friends as well as you loved me.


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