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Collecting the three previous Visions books (Visions and Vexations, Visions of Beauty and Friendship, and Visions of Meaning and Manhood), with an additional 432-line narrative poem in the style of Spenser’s Faerie Queen, Visions contains 45 of the Bearded Poet’s poems.



Almost to Adulthood is a collection of 7 short stories set in the fantastical past. Each story chronicles an event in the life of a boy on the cusp of manhood. Braving conflict, deprivation, isolation, and other trials, each enters into the responsibilities (and rewards) of virtuous adulthood.



The Servant and the Scepter is a high fantasy about a warrior-priest called forth to war when the land is invaded by the Conquering Dragon, a powerful mage on an unholy quest to kill all who bear the mark of the god he hates. The warrior-priest Karillus Urill Vrinn Khan must rally men and dwarves to fight this enemy, in the defense of his people and the Name of his God.


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