Who is the Bearded Poet?

The Bearded Poet is Carl Simmons, a man who has been told too many times that he belongs in a different century. Certainly his poetry seems out of place in time: writing in formal English meter (that is, in the accentual-syllabic style), the Bearded Poet eschews the free verse (or non-verse) dominant today (and so dominant for the past few generations that traditional verse has been marginalized). Also, he wears a beard, which is another thing long out of fashion.

The Bearded Poet currently has several works available on Amazon Kindle, including Visions (poetry), Almost to Adulthood (short stories), and The Servant and the Scepter (fantasy novel).

Carl Simmons also works as a freelance writer–researching, writing, and providing online content for websites.


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  1. You have an excellent variety of poets in your archives, I’ll be back.

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